1. The collaboration / working with Mariann/ MB RUG was…..

2. I recommend Mariann to people who….. because…
she is very nice to work with, extremely talented and very professional

3. I had a problem with/ in…..

4. Originally I turned to MB because I …..
I needed a specific rug for my installation

5. MB biggest strength is….
high knowledge of the craft, professionality and
kind attitude

6. It was hard to believe/ imagine at first/ at the beginning to…. but… Mariann showed me… that everything is possible! 7. Mariann is very good in…
taking challenges

8. Did you get what you wanted?
more than I expected.

9. What was important 4 U when U decided 2 work with MB?
My budget was low and my ambitions high, I was lucky enough to find the right place.

10.Was the manufacturing flawless ? Any difficulties with the distance ( Hungary)?
Mariann speaks very well english and she can work easily from distance. The contacts were constant and the working flow absolutely smooth.

Giulia Crispiani Italian Artist

Vita, Morte e Miracoli was shown at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show, Amsterdam, 1-5 July 2015. http://www.giuliacrispiani.com/index.php/project/vita-morte-e-miracoli/